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Santa Barbara Chauffeuring & Tours® is committed to excellence while giving you the best five star service possible and a truly unforgettable experience in style.

After years of working in the service industry, a desire sparked to provide a unique service to customers whether Santa Barbara natives or simply vacationers. Unlike many other limousine companies, the majority of our services do not have a minimum hour requirement. Please contact us for details as some restrictions may apply. Customer needs come first and foremost- for this reason we allow flexibility to tailor our services to fulfill those needs. SB Chauffeuring & Tours® is also wholly bilingual. We are capable of aiding customers in a multitude of situations, such as translating a wine tour. Living in Santa Barbara for decades comes with other perks as well. We have close relationships with many of the local night clubs, ties that come in handy more often than not. Give us a call and experience for yourself the charming staff and distinct service that are the foundation of SB Chauffeuring & Tours®.

Unbeknownst to many, chauffeuring companies are required to have several permits which are supposed to be kept up-to-date. We have a permit by the Public Utilities Commission to operate a livery service. In addition, we have a permit by the Los Angeles World Airports to allow pick-ups and drop-offs at LAX, Burbank, and Ontario airports.

From the moment a reservation is made with us we strive to be the best. Whether it is a wine tour, a night out or an airport pick up we offer complimentary juice, water and soft drinks. SB Chauffeuring & Tours will greet all our customers with a genuine smile.

Come and experience true Five Star Service Excellence where every customer is treated like a VIP!

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